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The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is the jewel in Botswana’s crown. This extraordinary World Heritage Site is one of the most pristine ecosystems left on planet earth and it is our privilege, here at Rifi Travel, to share it with the wider world. No two days here are ever the same, and each season brings with it a unique experience. November to February is the ‘rainy season’, where midday thunderstorms bring relief to sweltering temperatures and the Delta drips with glossy green plants and new life. In-between marks the ‘dry season’, but most remarkable of all is the annual flood that trickles south from the panhandle, bringing a nutritious lifeline for the Okavango’s residents when they need it most. This variability creates a tapestry of habitats, unlike anywhere else on earth, that creates a safe haven for some of the most endangered species left on our planet.

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Tailored Luxury Safari

Each of our safari experiences is tailored to our clients’ preferences. With a wealth of local experience from our Batswana crew, we are intimately familiar with all that the Okavango Delta has to offer and can answer any and all of your questions. When is the best time of year to visit depends on what you want to see: do you want the dry season dramatic action that centres on the water holes? Or are you more interested in the rarer sightings the wet season brings of baby piglets, impala and mewling leopard cubs? What type of trip you are after depends on your expectations and experience: if you want a more active walking safari, are you prepared that you might have fewer sightings? Or what about a safari on horse-back? We engage with each of our clients in length to ensure that we provide adventures that meet and exceed their expectations, both in terms of their experience and comfort.

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Rustic Mobile Safari

We specialise in offering rustic mobile safaris that allow our clients to bathe in the comforting sights, smells and sounds of the bush on their doorstep. Awaiting you at your safari destination will be a tented camp, complete with private tents, comfortable beds, showers, toilets, and safety features, all dependent on your preferences, provided by trusted specialist safari outfitters. Their wonderful Batswana teams will ensure you remain at the utmost comfort, delivering freshly-baked breads and delicious local cuisine cooked in bush-ovens and over campfires, and one of our employees at Rifi Life Travel will be onsite and available at all hours of the day, to maintain oversight and source and cater to your every need. For your safari activities, we provide specialised guides and vehicles that offer the utmost comfort from sunrise to sunset, and can discuss walking and horse-riding activities if you are inclined.
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