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About Rifi Travel Service

Rifi Travel Service is based out of Maun, Botswana. We tailor exclusive, luxury adventure-safaris for both local and international guests, to allow them to experience Botswana’s crown jewel: the Okavango Delta. In doing so, we aim to empower local Batswana within the tourism industry, and preserve this unique heritage for generations to come.

Journeys are customised for our clients dependent on their special needs and expectations. We have built a select portfolio of world-class, conservation-led experiences, to bring exclusive wildlife and wilderness experiences to our guests. By sharing this small corner of our planet, these discerning clients spread the world of this truly unique tourist destination.

Where we differ from international travel agents is that, from the moment our clients land, and at each and every touch point throughout their Botswana experience, our clients are met with warm smiles and friendly assistance from knowledgeable Batswana.

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